Good products last longer!

Premium Goods from TAIWAN

At MuuMuu Studio, we connect you with the finest products and responsible manufacturers from Taiwan. To have chance to customize high-quality sports accessories tailored for your business. And offering a unique group ordering service in Finland to enhance your lifestyle sustainably.

Good Products Last Longer!

Our partners in Taiwan are chosen for their commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing practices, and mostly we have direct connections within our network. This ensures that not only are you receiving products of the highest caliber, but you are also supporting responsible manufacturing sectors in Taiwan.

Customize for your own company needs, club gifts, or competition events. With your own designs, or ordering extra design services from us at MuuMuu Studio. Our expertise will make sure the process is on track and the result is outstanding.

Our key customised OEM/Logo products

Compression Socks

Calf sleeves

3D knitting and gradient compression technology. Designed to enhance circulation and reduce swelling, our compression socks and calf sleeves are ideal for athletes and active individuals seeking improved performance and faster recovery. Stylish design for casual daily life and stay refreshing after long days standing or sitting.

Enhanced Circulation

Swelling Reduction

Faster Muscle Recovery

Extended Comfort

Customizable Designs (MoQ: 600 pairs)

Sports Accessories

  • LATEX FREE Exercise bands, loop band (Premium quality-textured surface for extra grip)
  • Headbands, wristbands
  • Racket grip for paddle, hocky, tennis, badmindon…

Improved Grip

Enhanced Stability

Extended Comfort

Faster Muscle Recovery

Customizable Designs

Premium Oolong Tea

We love Oolong tea and we enjoy tea hunting directly from Tea Masters in Taiwan. Hand-picked only.

Before purchasing our unique tea selection, you are welcome to reserve a tea testing session at our studio for you and your friends. (2-6 people, 1 hour/session, price offer by email). 

Group ordering in Finland

Every 1-2 months, we curate a selection of premium goods from Taiwan directly to Finland through our exclusive group pre-ordering service.

All products we selected are made in Taiwan with high-quality and responsibility. We’ve personally used all the products we offer and highly recommend them to others as well.

You are welcome to visit us in Helsinki to tryout samples!

Current group ordering session:
14. May. 2024 ~ 30. May. 2024

Estimate Pickup available in Helsinki and shipping from Finland to customers: 19. June. 2024

B2B Get in Touch


Inquiries and viewing samples

For inquiries about group orders, B2B customized products for your business needs, company gifts. And schedule a viewing of product samples in Helsinki, please contact us at or use the form below. We will get back to you in 2-3 business days.

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Group ordering in Finland

Inquiries and viewing samples

Don’t miss out on our exclusive group ordering events. We schedule group ordering every 1-2 months in Finland for sustainable sales. All products we selected are made in Taiwan with high-quality and responsibility, those we are using for our own needs as well.

You are welcome to visit us in Helsinki to tryout samples!